Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meeting my goals as a Poet through Toastmasters

I have posted before about Toastmasters - Finding poetry in Toastmasters and tonight I had the opportunity to do a reading. The idea of getting up in front of my club and reading my poetry is becoming easier. So I am continuing to meet my personal goal of working towards reading my poetry out to a room full of strangers :-)

Toastmasters is changing me because it is teaching me skills and it makes me feel much more confident about myself. This is not just with my speaking but also my ability to be a leader. I was 'tapped' on the shoulder to become the Vice President of Education for our club. Like my decision to join Toastmasters this is also a decision I am happy I made.

Toastmasters is helping me to find my voice. I am learning how to be much clearer and concise in what I want to say. Through Toastmasters and other things I have become involved in, I am beginning to truly value how important poetry is in order to express 'my voice'. This does not always show in both of my blogs. As I realise that time is rushing by and my posts are not growing enough. What I now understand is that my blogs were never about being discovered. My blogs and my poetry are like Toastmasters - they are all a way to voice and most importantly grow.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of those times when a simple "like" function would actually be more useful than having to write a comment.

Allison Brown said...

I thought I had added the option for what your reaction is to a post. Turns out that by using my own template that blogger option does not actually appear on a post. Have added the code for it instead to the html.

Try it now and let me know if it does not work please :-)