Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random thoughts about NDF 2010

I'm attending the National Digital Forum for the third year and I still continue to feel inspired by this diverse group of professionals whose aim seems to be serving society. The thoughts captured via twitter at #NDF2010 is just a snapshot of the discussions being covered. Most of the sessions seem to delve into this sector in a positive way.

Trying to find a balance between professional, creative and personal I always worry that one will take over the other - no more - time to accept that what I am professionally impacts upon my creative processes. Sometimes that is to the detriment of my creative life, yet what I achieve professionally often stimulates me in similar ways.

NDF is a gathering that leaves me wanting to achieve such great and wondrous things. I know that I will come back down to earth soon, but I will try my best to enjoy this inspirational ride.

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