Saturday, July 4, 2015

Finding inspiration - Photography

I find myself stopping to look at something that captures my attention. One of my first actions is to pull out my camera or phone to try and capture the moment. It is how I try to remember the moment. Sometimes the image takes my breadth away and if I am lucky it helps inspire me to find words that I shape into a poem.

Yet in that moment if others are with me they scratch their head and sum it up as me being me... (Well there are a few who understand).  I met someone who inspires me in a number of ways. Through them I have met others who also inspire me. Now in that moment when they are by my side I do not need to explain why I need to stop. Why I need to capture the moment. Plus what they capture can take my breadth away. 

Thank you for inspiring me and for understanding that sometimes you have to stop to capture the moment. I feel lucky that I have been allowed to travel with you on your photographic exhibitions and learn from each of you.

Photo Shoot
Night time photo shoot with Otago photographic enthusiasts on the evening of Friday 19 June 2015 - Album

Ship at night in Dunedin
Ship at night in Dunedin

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