Saturday, July 4, 2015

Moving back

Where have I been since 2012... Moving On...

After planning to move to WordPress I did with my writing blog To Write is to Dream.  I hoped it would allow me to bring all my blogs into one site, while still having different streams.  I discovered I couldn't do this easily with WordPress.  In the end all I did was waste money on an experiment. The extra site meant more work and my posts all but stopped.

I am now moving back to Blogger for my blog ... I want to keep the domain name I created, so I am trying to change my Domain Host and apply it to Blogger.

What is next...
Maybe with this domain I can explore using it to connect different blogs.  I am considering starting to post on this, or another blog, other areas of creativity like photography and beading.  There is also my desire to find inspiration in others and to this end I created the Twitter account @BehindDreaming. It will be fun to connect all of these through a tool like Tumblr and to figure out where all the pieces fit.

Where I am going... To be continued!

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